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How I met my Brother

img_20181101_102024The story goes back 5 years ago. I was in my graduation college, Dad used to work mostly out of station and sister too was out of station for job. So it was my mom who used to be home most of time and mostly alone ( actually with six cats). We own a villa with good garden space. All our neighborhood are apartment with hardly 2-3 villas in our colony. My dad often bothered about my mom living alone and insisted to get a dog from time to time. My sister too was ready for dog but I was not. I am a Cat-Person ( Now changed). I was worried about our poor little cats and also I was afraid of dog. We used to have lot of discussion about getting a dog but at last I used to cancel their plan.

I was sure we would never get a dog but I was wrong. It was Saturday evening (to be precious second Saturday ). All my family members were at home. I came back to hear a weird noise. It was a dog!!! A man with roughly 5-6 months old German Shepard had came. My family had plan to adopt this dog and they were waiting to check my reaction. I opened the door and the dog jumped at me. I was scared and ran straight away. I waited for that German Shepard to go. ” You people either choose a dog or me “, I announced. Maybe my family thought of not getting a dog but I was scared that if unknowingly my family gets a dog what will I do? After that incidence I made a lot research about dogs. Searched about lazy dogs, dogs that don’t act like dogs and what not. I found couple of pictures of labs and dutschands but I was still against of getting a dog.

Three months passed by , there was no decision about dog adoption and I was quiet happy with it. It was evening time , I was coming back home on my scooter. Suddenly I figured out tire was punctured. It was long way to go but luckily I found out a puncture shop near by. I had to wait for a while since there were four more vehicles at the shop. I decided to wait. Just to the adjacent there was a small hut. I hurt a dog barking. Going closer I observed she was a mother lab who was about to have her meal. She had four little babies hardly 10 days old. The man looked at me.

Bhaiya puppy dekhna hai kya“, He asked.

(Are you looking for puppies)

Hanji“, I replied.


Ander avo bache, abhi abhi khana kha chuke hai

(You can come in. Kids just had their meal.)

I guess he was a breeder and this would be his first breeding. He gave me papers of parent dog and explained that they are 100% pure breed. Well I didn’t cared because I didn’t knew what he was saying.

Alshi hai kya?”, I asked.

(Are they lazy)

HE did’nt got my point but he repeatedly kept on explaining that they are pure breed and don’t let them on road for misconception. The puppies were too small. I took their photos and whatsapp them to Dad and Didi. They instantly agreed.

App har 3-4 din baad milne anna tabhi mein apko dog dunga“,he said

( You have to visit him every 3-4 day. Then only I will give you the dog.)

Weird but fine I thought. Since it was on my way I didn’t mind.Also this dog was way more calm than that German Shepard. I choose the laziest puppy. I used to visit him every 3-4 days most of time along with my family. As the day passed by I got more familiar to dogs , later I used to visit him every day. I even made friendship with the mother Labrador and had plan to get not one two puppies but others too were booked. Finally on 46th day we adopted my brother. I saw my brother growing up and now he is a full grown up adult. He is my partner in crime and most supportive member. Fast forward I work as dog walker and market pet events. There are many stories related to my pets. Watch out for this space.




I am Digital Designer and make surface designs. I can shoot photographs of your pets. I like to story about pet life. I am an artist and would love to make your living more attractive through a my canvas. I am interested in automobile and write about old not so known Indian cars. Photo editor. Contact me to collaborate for any of the above domain.

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