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The way to be half pet parent

I stay away from my family since last six years , first for graduation and later for job. Back at my home I have couple cats and a dog. Pets are part of my life and I often used to miss them away from home. Just like me I often meet student and young professionals who are animal lover and wish to keep pet with themselves . So , Should I get a pet or look for an alternative? Well, the answer is alternative . No matter how much you feel to keep a cat or dog , you should not get one till you have a stable lifestyle. Its not difficult to keep pet with roommates but just think what will you do when one of you will plan to marry or relocate to new city. Here are some tips and young professionals .

Be a dog walker

DSC_0132-8A dog walker is one of the most underrated job. You spend a hour per day with some else dog to give them a walk and get paid for it. Many elderly couple don’t have time or energy to take their dog for walk. At such instance dog walker comes handy. Such task don’t much time and came be adjusted in your day to day routine.

Volunteer at Rescue Center on weekends

home page-05 Resqct- Bavdhan

Rescue center lack human power (most of time). You can contact your local animal rescue center for more information. All you need to do is stay with animal and take care for a day. They would provide you certification according to working hours .

Enroll for dog training course 


Dog Training

Dog training course include animal therapy, dog training, dog after training course and animal rescue course. Although there are not much institutes for dog training but you can mostly complete these course in part time.

Take care of your neighbor’s pet in his absence


DSC_0062-7.jpgIf you have a good relationship with your neighbor you can suggest them to board their dog at your home when they are planning for vacation or work trip. You could charge them according to market rate.

Nurture campus dog and feed him


Campus Dog

Campus dogs are best solution. Once you feed a stray campus dog he will follow you in whole campus. Your hostel warden would have no reason to complaint since your not taking him to your room. Do spray them local canine control people would help you to spray them at no charge.

Get a fish tank

If you are planning to get a pet start with small. No one complaints about goldfish barking and you don’t need much maintenance. You learn to keep pet and responsibilities required for it.

Its true that neighbor’s pet cant be your own pet but you know what if you love animals they will love you back irrespective of who you are.

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I am Digital Designer and make surface designs. I can shoot photographs of your pets. I like to story about pet life. I am an artist and would love to make your living more attractive through a my canvas. I am interested in automobile and write about old not so known Indian cars. Photo editor. Contact me to collaborate for any of the above domain.

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