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Bruno my walk dog.


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” I have volunteered for you whole four years, why can’t you allow me to adopt a dog?” I asked rescue shelter head.

” Vijay we know you well. You have helped us so long but you stay in paying guest and you already have a dog at home town”, she replied.

“I can take care of my dog”, I said.

“If you have a job transfer?”, she asked

“I will take him with me”, I replied

“And if your new owner didn’t allow dogs?”

“I will send him to my hometown”

“Vijay your parents are not ready for second dog. Also you know two adult dog may not stay together”,she answered. I was disappointed. She had called my dad in morning for dog adoption. My dad had clearly said no. Why dad why dad!!!. If I had brought second dog without telling you, you would any how had to accept him.

My PG owner had 3 year old dachshund name Bruno although I had little interaction with him I never remember that he was too close to me. He was always left untied and roamed all over the colony. Bruno used to return back for food and sleep, he was easy dog to live with. While I returning to PG from office I saw him near the entrance. Soon I released I forgot my cigarette, I was too tired to go alone but desperately needed a pack of cigarette.

I looked a him and said to him, ” At least you company me”.

He looked in my eye and followed till the cigarette shop. I was happy and so was he. Next morning I again called him while I was going for morning walk. He followed me again. This became our daily routine. Bruno used to accompany for morning walk as well as night. As the day passed by we developed a good friendship. People around us used to think I am his owner. Just like any other night me and Bruno went to local shop for cigarette. The shopkeeper handover the pack of cigarette and I took out one cigarette ignite it. A lady standing beside me looked at me in weird face.

” I think cigarette affect dogs life”, she said to herself and went away. I felt guilty and decided to leave cigarette. Both Bruno and that lady changed by life. While I would write about that lady afterwards here I would share about Bruno. I stayed in that PG for one more year and then shifted to California. Bruno always accompanied me. In early days he was unlatched but once he was caught by city police. They took him to shelter thinking he is abounded. We brought him back and later I official became his walker. My PG owner to allow me to take him at local fest. In the period of one year Bruno made couple friend at socialization event. As I was planning to California I assigned my friend as his walker. Even today I receive his pictures and messages on whatsapp. Whenever I have project near my PG I visit Bruno because I am his half pet parent.





I am Digital Designer and make surface designs. I can shoot photographs of your pets. I like to story about pet life. I am an artist and would love to make your living more attractive through a my canvas. I am interested in automobile and write about old not so known Indian cars. Photo editor. Contact me to collaborate for any of the above domain.

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