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The guard dog Robert

It was Sunday afternoon, I was bored in my hostel. All my friends were out for personal reasons and all I was alone. All of the sudden I felt my go out and do something. Within minutes I was driving my scooter towards country side. After riding 50km away from my hostel I reached a lake. I took couple of selfies and posted on Instagram. Soon I was a dead puppy. Wait it was breathing!
I looked nearby. There was no one. Yes there were other dogs but they not ready to accept him. After waiting for sometime I literally picked him up and took him to vet.
But you know what? This was not near Lake side but near my hostel. Yes I had traveled 50km with this dead looking puppy.
He was saved him or rather I took away his chances to stay on street due to my immature act. He was suffering from dehydration not else.
I took him to hostel but kept him below the hostel apartment. ” Who is he?”, asked my hostel gaurdian
” Robot, I call him Robot he listens my every command”, I said.
The guard saw at my face. He knew I was l lying but he also knew I was helpless.
” I wish you have some plan for him, till that he can stay here”, he said.
Robot stayed at basement our hostel even after I left hostel. Although he was rescued by me he was more like gaurd dog of my hostel.



I am Digital Designer and make surface designs. I can shoot photographs of your pets. I like to story about pet life. I am an artist and would love to make your living more attractive through a my canvas. I am interested in automobile and write about old not so known Indian cars. Photo editor. Contact me to collaborate for any of the above domain.

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