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Which breed is Indian Street Dog?

Mixed Breed

Indian street dogs are often seen as inferior as compared to pedigree dogs. It is assumed that they are as non trainable, less human friendly and weak compared to Pedigree dogs. So which breed is these Indian Street Dog?


Rare Breed

Are they Indian origin? Yes, they are. Are they purely Indian origin? No, they may not. Indies are difficult to classify, some are as big as great Dane and some are as small as Chiwawa. Usually a street dog lacks nutrient that a household dog gets so they are smaller compared to corresponding breed. So final question which breed are these street dog? The answer is mix breed. Since ages there have been case of old non sterilized pedigree left over street. As the time passed by number of senior dogs leftover the street increased. Lack of mass sterilization resulted in excessive increased cross breed dogs. As these dog stayed on street for long, they adapted Indian environment. The future off spring of these dogs looked no similar to their original ancestors. Lack of paper work result almost no chance to trace their original breed.



Grey hound

Then rises question what happened to native breeds? Most of native breeds were extinct during British Raj or exported to Europe just like Foreign breeds were imported to India. But the good news is they are still present in local region. A KCI register Indian breed like rajpalayam, Bully dog or Bakharwal dog can cost you as much as golden retriever or St. Bernard. Indian breed were majorly trained as guarding dogs. With strong muscle, high immunity and locking jaws. They were train for hunting or defending in past but now a days they are just kept as an exotic breed. Yes some of them are still used in defense. Number of Indian breeds living in home is less compared to Pedigree. While most of Indian breeds are know for their guarding ability, Indian spitz is know as family dog. Indian spitz is nothing but German Spitz living India since British Raj. They are well adapted to our climate and recognized as Indian breed by KCI since they have been living here from long time.

Indian Spitz

Its important to know that dog be it of any breed can be aggressive if isolated from the world. A well trained dog of any breed can be friendly. The only thing matter is exercise required to the dog. Labrador will require less exercise compared to Indian Mastiff of climate resistance. Just like a Indian looks different from American, Chinese, European our dogs too look different from each other. Its the weather condition, the work they do make them look different from each other. Remember to choose a breed that is suitable to your climate. Don’t choose St. Bernard if your living near Equator and not a Kanni if you live in Russia.





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