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Alias model of Maruti Suzuki A-Star

This an alias model ( computer aided design) of Maruti Suzuki A-star. This project include external surfacing of MS A-star. It took me around a week or roughly 26-28 hours to totally complete the project. The final rendering is done in Key shot software.

Reference Image

Alias Model


Keyshot Render


Some information about A-star

The Suzuki Alto available in international market is known in India as the Maruti Suzuki A-Star (short for “Alto-Star”), but is also known as the Suzuki Celerio in some other countries. It was launched in December 2008 by Suzuki’s Indian subsidiary Maruti Suzuki.


Also called Suzuki Alto
Suzuki Celerio
Changhe-Suzuki Alto
Nissan Pixo
Production 2008–2013
2009–present (China)
Body and chassis
Class City car (A)
Body style 5-door hatchback
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel-drive
Engine 998 cc K10B I3
Transmission 5-speed manual
4-speed automatic
Wheelbase 2,360 mm (92.9 in)
Length 3,580 mm (140.9 in)
Width 1,680 mm (66.1 in)
Height 1,400 mm (55.1 in)

My Design Portfolio Link: Chinmay Sawant Portfolio



I am Digital Designer and make surface designs. I can shoot photographs of your pets. I like to story about pet life. I am an artist and would love to make your living more attractive through a my canvas. I am interested in automobile and write about old not so known Indian cars. Photo editor. Contact me to collaborate for any of the above domain.

2 thoughts on “Alias model of Maruti Suzuki A-Star

  1. Your work is truely commendable Chinmay. I have been following ur work from quite a long time.
    Its really appreciable.
    Keep the good work up.
    And the love for pet animals is also very kind of u!
    All the best!


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