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The part time pet sitter

Dog Boarding

I was in my last year last semester of Master in Finance when I got Pluto. By the way Pluto was my Pit-bull. He was energetic dog and always ready to play. We had a small independent villa so there was no issue of neighbors complaining. While we enjoyed his company keeping turn out to difficult once I got job. I used to be full day busy and parents too had their respective job. Keeping him in boarding for whole day turned out to be expensive. So finally I decided to give him for adoption. Being a pure breed pedigree dog I got multiple request to take him home. His new owner was retired coach with lots of knowledge about guarding breed dog. Pluto got new house and loving family.

In this process of adoption I received lot of direct and indirect hate comments. I decide not keep dog in future but I do missed have pet. I shared this thought with one of my neighborhood friend who was also a pet parent. He had a golden retriever named max. Max and Pluto were friends but max had never came to my home before.

“Anand, Are you free this Sunday?”, he asked.

“Oh yes, Why?”, I asked.

” Max always needs a human company. My mother is always at home but this Sunday we all are going for wedding outstation. Max is not so friendly with other dogs so I usually avoid boarding”, he said.

I had literally no plan neither my family so I said Yes.

That Sunday he left Max at my home and pick him back that evening. A day with Max refreshed me. Being a pet parent for a day again was blessed. Max was comparatively lazy dog. He slept half day and rest of day we watched Netflix. At the end of day his dad brought sweets for me. So, my efforts were worth. As the time passed by Max visited to my place couple of times more. I enjoyed his company and sweets given by his owner.

A news that I used to board pets in free time spread in our neighborhood pet group. While I never charged Max’s father but other had to pay me. My dad got retired 3 month ago and he decided to board dogs on weekdays too. Actually it was my dad who used to take care of dog not I . We never had dog of our own but we cared for pets of others. Last Sunday we had special guest it was Pluto. Seeing him after long 6 years was bless. Not having a pet doesn’t make you a less animal lover. I see youth of today voluntary at shelter in free time and walking others dog for pocket money and I am happy about. May be I would get my own dog when I would be settled in life.

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Which breed is Indian Street Dog?

Mixed Breed

Indian street dogs are often seen as inferior as compared to pedigree dogs. It is assumed that they are as non trainable, less human friendly and weak compared to Pedigree dogs. So which breed is these Indian Street Dog?


Rare Breed

Are they Indian origin? Yes, they are. Are they purely Indian origin? No, they may not. Indies are difficult to classify, some are as big as great Dane and some are as small as Chiwawa. Usually a street dog lacks nutrient that a household dog gets so they are smaller compared to corresponding breed. So final question which breed are these street dog? The answer is mix breed. Since ages there have been case of old non sterilized pedigree left over street. As the time passed by number of senior dogs leftover the street increased. Lack of mass sterilization resulted in excessive increased cross breed dogs. As these dog stayed on street for long, they adapted Indian environment. The future off spring of these dogs looked no similar to their original ancestors. Lack of paper work result almost no chance to trace their original breed.



Grey hound

Then rises question what happened to native breeds? Most of native breeds were extinct during British Raj or exported to Europe just like Foreign breeds were imported to India. But the good news is they are still present in local region. A KCI register Indian breed like rajpalayam, Bully dog or Bakharwal dog can cost you as much as golden retriever or St. Bernard. Indian breed were majorly trained as guarding dogs. With strong muscle, high immunity and locking jaws. They were train for hunting or defending in past but now a days they are just kept as an exotic breed. Yes some of them are still used in defense. Number of Indian breeds living in home is less compared to Pedigree. While most of Indian breeds are know for their guarding ability, Indian spitz is know as family dog. Indian spitz is nothing but German Spitz living India since British Raj. They are well adapted to our climate and recognized as Indian breed by KCI since they have been living here from long time.

Indian Spitz

Its important to know that dog be it of any breed can be aggressive if isolated from the world. A well trained dog of any breed can be friendly. The only thing matter is exercise required to the dog. Labrador will require less exercise compared to Indian Mastiff of climate resistance. Just like a Indian looks different from American, Chinese, European our dogs too look different from each other. Its the weather condition, the work they do make them look different from each other. Remember to choose a breed that is suitable to your climate. Don’t choose St. Bernard if your living near Equator and not a Kanni if you live in Russia.



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Bruno my walk dog.


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” I have volunteered for you whole four years, why can’t you allow me to adopt a dog?” I asked rescue shelter head.

” Vijay we know you well. You have helped us so long but you stay in paying guest and you already have a dog at home town”, she replied.

“I can take care of my dog”, I said.

“If you have a job transfer?”, she asked

“I will take him with me”, I replied

“And if your new owner didn’t allow dogs?”

“I will send him to my hometown”

“Vijay your parents are not ready for second dog. Also you know two adult dog may not stay together”,she answered. I was disappointed. She had called my dad in morning for dog adoption. My dad had clearly said no. Why dad why dad!!!. If I had brought second dog without telling you, you would any how had to accept him.

My PG owner had 3 year old dachshund name Bruno although I had little interaction with him I never remember that he was too close to me. He was always left untied and roamed all over the colony. Bruno used to return back for food and sleep, he was easy dog to live with. While I returning to PG from office I saw him near the entrance. Soon I released I forgot my cigarette, I was too tired to go alone but desperately needed a pack of cigarette.

I looked a him and said to him, ” At least you company me”.

He looked in my eye and followed till the cigarette shop. I was happy and so was he. Next morning I again called him while I was going for morning walk. He followed me again. This became our daily routine. Bruno used to accompany for morning walk as well as night. As the day passed by we developed a good friendship. People around us used to think I am his owner. Just like any other night me and Bruno went to local shop for cigarette. The shopkeeper handover the pack of cigarette and I took out one cigarette ignite it. A lady standing beside me looked at me in weird face.

” I think cigarette affect dogs life”, she said to herself and went away. I felt guilty and decided to leave cigarette. Both Bruno and that lady changed by life. While I would write about that lady afterwards here I would share about Bruno. I stayed in that PG for one more year and then shifted to California. Bruno always accompanied me. In early days he was unlatched but once he was caught by city police. They took him to shelter thinking he is abounded. We brought him back and later I official became his walker. My PG owner to allow me to take him at local fest. In the period of one year Bruno made couple friend at socialization event. As I was planning to California I assigned my friend as his walker. Even today I receive his pictures and messages on whatsapp. Whenever I have project near my PG I visit Bruno because I am his half pet parent.



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Should You get a Dog?

animal-chihuahua-cute-39317.jpgPossible questions you should ask yourself before getting one.

Ask yourself a question why are you getting a dog?

  1. If your friend has one.
  2. If you want to impress opposite sex.
  3. If you live in a remote place and want him to guard your home, etc

Self questioning is best way to find out whether you want to have a dog for couple of hours or rest of your life.

Are all family members ready to have dog at home?

You might be a dog lover but your family may not. There is equal possibility that they may treat him like a object rather than living organism. Discussion with your family members is must else you would regret later.

Do you have stable lifestyle? Do you have time?

Having a dog is like having your own kid. If you are at the progressive stage of career, you have to put extra efforts toward daily routine ( at least till he grows up). If your job deals with constant travelling do check if there is anyone else to take care of him in your absence. If your planning to take along your dog while travelling do adopt a local dog ( they have better tolerance) and also calculate extra travel expense (Hotels and cafe would charge excess if your dog owner). And last but least train him to travel in crowd.

Does your society, apartment people allow to have dog?

This is an important question. Society’s Secretary can be hilter of your life if he hates dog. Useless complaints, fight over silly issue will soon follow.  All you can do is train your dog to stay quiet in apartment. Make a meetup of dog friendly people of your society this people will help you later. Don’t get a home in a center of city. And have contact of animal welfare community.

Are you financially ready to afford a dog?

Remember you are one member to family. You have to give him full meal not just biscuits, take him to vaccine , have him some toys and bed. Also dogs in their initially days would damage a lot of furniture and household stuff. Be ready to bear it.

Change in lifestyle.

You may not meet your friends because your football practice time and dog’s walk time might clash. Not all of your friend might be friendly with animals and hence they would stop visiting you. It is also true that you would make new friends ( dog parent friends) and I guess any lifestyle that bring more happiness is good.

Getting a dog is a important decision. Your life would definitely change but at the same knowing the  consequence is important. Thousands of pets end their life at shelter due amateur or careless owners. Get the responsibility only if you can take care of it.

Take care.

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My every day with old dog : Hope


Chapter 1

I always wanted to have dog but my working professional didn’t allowed me.I stayed mostly alone at my home ( which my dad had bought couple of years back) and worked 8-10 hours in office. I always thought of getting a puppy but I never had time for him. ” Why don’t you adopt a senior dog?. They sleep all the day”, said my friend.
I had never thought about this idea. On enquirer to local shelter I found 10s of senior dogs, absolutely healthy but given away by own. They had some minor health issue but nothing much to give them away. I looked towards a senior English retriever he was 9 years old.
” Hope ( his then name) has weak eye-site. But he listen everything well”, said the adviser.
I called him and he came close to me. I completed adoption process and brought him home. Hope stayed with me for more 8 years. Eventually he changed my life.


Chapter 2

I got Hope home. He was tired of car journey itself. He got some water and slept throughout the afternoon. It was evening by then. I thought about shooting some videos for Facebook with Hope.
” Catch!”. I threw a ball on wards Hope. He didn’t bother. I threw again he still didn’t bother. Finally he woke up and got his belt to me. He wanted to go for walk. Since it was already evening time, I agreed. We went near park where all the dog owner comes. Hope was the oldest one. Children were playing and old people were chatting. When children saw younger dogs they came and played with them but no one bother to touch Hope. May be were scared of old dog. Hope didn’t bother he sat there and enjoyed their play. My plan to famous with social media friends was totally flopped.
” Should I return him back? Anyway no one is giving me sympathy or attention. I would buy a pedigree puppy tomorrow”, I said to myself.
Till that a young girls approached me “What is his name? Can I touch him?”, She asked.
” Ya sure. He is Hope. My dear brother Hope “, I said.
My selfish ego for attention for ego was satisfied. For next 8 years I brought Hope to park without fail. Maybe for myself. But of late I was enjoying it.


Chapter 3

Hope today is Monday. I need to go for office. Will you stay so long alone all the day?”, I asked.
He waved his tail.
I was worried but he looked stable.
I went to office and opened small camera tab on my PC . I had fitted CCTV cameras all inside by house and connected to my all devices.
Hope was calm. He slept all the day and ate very less food.
” He must be barking all day and damage your furniture”, said my colleague.
I again open my camera tab to check Hope. He was all fine. My colleague had to leave his dog to hostel while he was at office so he was super surprised.
I went back home and hope came waving his tail. We went for walk and sat in the park enjoying the play of children and young dogs.
After a week I was sure Hope could stay on his own and this news spread like a fire in office.
” I heard your dog can stay at home so long?”, asked my boss.
“Yes, sir”.
( I thought he would ask for treading Hope. My boss was typical business man)
” I would like my Bubble (his nasty 3 year old cooker-spaniel) to learn some good habits for your dog.”
” Sure sir “, I said.
My boss often visited my place for weekend walk with his Bubble. He was not as bad as thought. Eventually it helped me in profession

Chapter 4

Hope was 10 years by now. He loved parks and kids so I took him a famous garden park of my city. We sat in one corner and observed. Suddenly I could observe Hope was way too happy than usual. He stood up and ran towards a family of three people. He jumped upon an Iraqi old man. I was scared.
” I am sorry”, I shouted.
But I don’t think they were offended.
” Tony ,it’s you?”, Old man asked Hope.
Hope was way too happy.
That old man was his first owner.
” We left Iraq during war and got Tony with us. But he was stolen with in within first week. We tried to find him for years but failed in this new country”. The old man said.
This family lived in South Bombay while I lived in Bangalore. I don’t know how he traveled so long.
I was happy he met his old owner.
Hope was very happy. He was happiest I saw.
With a heavy heart I said. ” Tony seems to be very happy with you ( which he was) I wish he would get back to his old family.”
His family was happy they quickly booked ac first class. And paid huge amount in black to get waiting tickets reserved.
I came to railway station to leave Hope. Interestingly bubble and boss also came.
My boss scolded me for letting Hope go.
As the train came, they boarded in. I could not see Hope going away. So I decided to leave. As I started to walk away Hope came out of train and ran towards me. He waved his tails looking at his old dad.
” Tony want to stay with his new family he told me”, said the old man.
I realized there was special place for me in the heart of Hope. He loved his old family but choose me.
Hope’s old family used to visit him once in year. I made many close friends due to Hope.


Chapter 5

It was Sunday afternoon. I was sleeping in my coach while Hope was resting. Suddenly Hope went balcony and started barking. Hope rarely barks and when he does he has purpose. So I went out. A girl from 9th floor was trying to commit suicide by jumping from her balcony. We rushed to her floor, broke her door.
“Are you idol? Who is going to pay for this broken door?”, She asked.
“Why you want to die?”, I asked.
” It’s none of your business”.
” It’s my business. I love you more than your boyfriend”, I said. Hope looked at me.
“Boyfriend, I don’t have one”. She exclaimed.
” I thought you broke up so you want to commit suicide. By the way then I don’t love you” ,I said.
” I lost my job, my tutti the cat left me and now a uncle is bothering me. I am a strong independent woman I don’t need a man “,she shouted.
“Which uncle?”, I asked.
It was evening time by now. I asked her if she would come for walk with me and Hope, where we could find some one to fix her door. She agreed. While having a walk with her I realized she was not as bad as I thought just over ambition. She liked our company and started to be with us for walk. Within a month she opened her own blogging site and was way to successful than a normal service person. We dated for a month and got married within year. She kept me as her part time assistant. Soon she and Hope teamed up and I got more busy her blogging site and my job. If there was no Hope I would have not met her. By the way her cat tutti is living with my boss.


Chapter 6

Hope was 16 years old. We had moved to villa and had a small daughter of age 5. She was very much attached to Hope.
“She is too dependent on Hope I don’t want her to broke when she lose him”, I said to my wife. She didn’t said anything. My wife thinks Hope was her lucky charm.Anyway it was necessary to accept that our pets are growing old.
” I wish you live long”, I said to Hope.
That night it was heavily raining, we all were seating in living room with Hope.
Suddenly he became uncomfortable and ran towards main door. I urge to open the door which I opposed. Finally I opened the door, there was a young golden retriever puppy struggling in rain. My wife quickly took him in and dried him. Next day we got him to vet and did some medical check up.
We posted complaint to find out if he was lost but he was breeder left out.
Daggaa (the golden retriever puppy) was new member of our family.
He brought up spirit in Hope (maybe extended couple more years for him)
I realized this cute and innocent looking puppy was not so innocent. He turn out to be partner in crime for my daughter. Daggaa often distorted my wife paper work so she shifted to digital. He was perfect for social media (now I am using Instagram instead of Facebook) but now I have grown up some attention from Hope and wife was enough for me. Daggaa was way too attached to Hope even more than us. As the time is passing by I am learning about human canine relationship. “You can’t stop the time but you can live the most.” May be this something every dog try to tell human.


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The way to be half pet parent

I stay away from my family since last six years , first for graduation and later for job. Back at my home I have couple cats and a dog. Pets are part of my life and I often used to miss them away from home. Just like me I often meet student and young professionals who are animal lover and wish to keep pet with themselves . So , Should I get a pet or look for an alternative? Well, the answer is alternative . No matter how much you feel to keep a cat or dog , you should not get one till you have a stable lifestyle. Its not difficult to keep pet with roommates but just think what will you do when one of you will plan to marry or relocate to new city. Here are some tips and young professionals .

Be a dog walker

DSC_0132-8A dog walker is one of the most underrated job. You spend a hour per day with some else dog to give them a walk and get paid for it. Many elderly couple don’t have time or energy to take their dog for walk. At such instance dog walker comes handy. Such task don’t much time and came be adjusted in your day to day routine.

Volunteer at Rescue Center on weekends

home page-05 Resqct- Bavdhan

Rescue center lack human power (most of time). You can contact your local animal rescue center for more information. All you need to do is stay with animal and take care for a day. They would provide you certification according to working hours .

Enroll for dog training course 


Dog Training

Dog training course include animal therapy, dog training, dog after training course and animal rescue course. Although there are not much institutes for dog training but you can mostly complete these course in part time.

Take care of your neighbor’s pet in his absence


DSC_0062-7.jpgIf you have a good relationship with your neighbor you can suggest them to board their dog at your home when they are planning for vacation or work trip. You could charge them according to market rate.

Nurture campus dog and feed him


Campus Dog

Campus dogs are best solution. Once you feed a stray campus dog he will follow you in whole campus. Your hostel warden would have no reason to complaint since your not taking him to your room. Do spray them local canine control people would help you to spray them at no charge.

Get a fish tank

If you are planning to get a pet start with small. No one complaints about goldfish barking and you don’t need much maintenance. You learn to keep pet and responsibilities required for it.

Its true that neighbor’s pet cant be your own pet but you know what if you love animals they will love you back irrespective of who you are.

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